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»How can I book a tour to India ? Is there a list of tours I can choose from?

»What if I do not like any of the tours listed on the site? Can MALIMEL TRAVEL make a tour for me?

»Is the company really reliable? What is the profile of the company?

»How many offices does MALIMEL TRAVELS have in India?

»How do we settle the payment? Is there an advance deposit required?

»Is the information I give on the net safe?

»Does MALIMEL TRAVELS provide reliable information?

»Where can I apply for an Indian Visa?

»Are there any India Tourist Offices near my home?

»Can I book only the accommodation since I am coming on business?

»Where on the site can I find ‘Travel Tips’?

»How about General Information on India?

»What are the different room categories ?

»First we recommend that you go through website ’,which include various tours that we have been selling very successfully since a very long time. The tours under ’Travel Themes’ are listed under different categories like etc. and you can buy them on as it is basis. If however you feel that these tours need to be fine-tuned to coincide with your flight schedule, and if you need to add or reduce a night in any city, then you must send us your request and our travel experts will get back to you shortly with necessary changes and the amended tour cost.

»You will have to inform us some other factors like duration, number of people traveling together and choice of hotels you prefer. As soon as we have these details from your end, we will design a tour specially for you and get back immediately. These details serve as an outline for our Travel experts, who are working here round-the-clock to make your tour comfortable.

»We suggest you check our profile by clicking on ’ABOUT MALIMEL TRAVELS’ before you send us a request. Being the No.-1 Destination Management Company in India, we at MALIMEL have been looking after travelers from the world over since more than four decades.

»Headquartered in Delhi, MALIMEL has a wide network of professionally managed office in Delhi. In all the small and remote locations where MALIMEL does not have a branch of its own, an associate agent or sub- agent renders the services. A network of more than 40 such agents & sub- agents is also a part of our network.

»Any correspondence exchanged between you and MALIMEL TRAVELS will be kept confidential and not outsourced to any third party under any circumstances. Moreover your profile (name, Email ID, address, Telephone number) will be used only to communicate with you in regards to the services you are buying or availing. At no time will this profile be misused.

»The information provided on the site is true and reliable to the best of our knowledge. A lot of general information on INDIA has also been sourced from brochures of Govt. of India Tourist Office, Singapore. Therefore we feel that the information given on the site is very authentic.

»You are requested to get in touch with the nearest Indian Embassy/ Commission who will appraise you with the other formalities required. Kindly check the list.

»f you are only looking at accommodation options and not a full fledged tour or a holiday, then you may click on ’RESERVATION’ and we have some exciting packages worked out with various hotels. you can choose City Stopovers and Beach Stays. Still if you feel that the hotel or the accommodations you want are not listed on the site, then simply send us a mail at info@malimeltravels.com,malimeltravels@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to get back to you at once with relevant details.

»Plenty of information is covered on our homepage. If some information you want is still missing then do give us your feedback so that we can try and include it in our database.

»Generally hotels tend to place their bedrooms within Five different categories:

Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Executive, Suite

»The actual differences between the bedrooms varies from one hotel to another, with executive being the highest standard of room.

»Single Room
A single room is designed to accommodate one person only. The room contains one single bed or twin bed.

»Double Room
A double room is designed to accommodate two people only. The room contains one queen bed or king size bed or if not available a twin bed.

»Twin Room
A twin room is also designed to accommodate two people only. The room contains two single beds or if not available a king size bed. Family Rooms

»There are two main types of family rooms, as follows:
Triple Room A triple room is designed to accommodate three people only. The room will contain either : One queen and one single bed Three single beds Please specify which option you require when sending your reservation form.

»Quad Room
A quad room is designed to accommodate four people only.

»The room will contain either: Two queen beds One queen and two single beds Four single beds

»Please specify which option you require when sending your reservation form. We can also assist you in seeking accommodation that can accommodate more than four people in a room. Please specify the number of people in your party when completing your reservation request form. Note that all kinds of room category are on request and depend on room availability.